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Donate a Tree

Make a change. Give a tree and reduce the C02

Donate a tree is a project based on environmental protection, born from the will to divulge the ecological culture and value of the Italian natural landscape through planting and growing new trees. In this way, we could compensate for CO2 emissions and global pollution.

Donate a tree
Donate a tree - Visit Mediterraneo

Visit Mediterranean supports, firmly, this green project, only website offering planting in Italian natural reserves.

Planting a tree gives the prospect to absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere, helping to clean the air we breathe, filtering the water we drink providing habitat for over 80% of world’s terrestrial biodiversity, as well.

Choose a tree e get a certificate with the unique tree code and your special dedication are included. Both printed on recycled paper with FSC®

Your special gift will be planted in Arpigliano, close by Sila National Park.

Donate a tree to the people you love from our website

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    Donate a tree - visit Mediterraneo