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slow tourism visit mediterraneo

Slow Tourism

The quality of the tourist experience is not a “here today, gone tomorrow” deal.

When we talk about the quality of a trip, we must consider not only the concept of relaxation. But also gaining a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of the territory, which should be explored and experienced calmly, without rushing.


In a word, “slowly”, the main feature of “slow traveling

slow tourism visit mediterraneo

What is that you ask?

While slowness in tourism may coincide with some forms or categories of (slow) travel, Slow Tourism – generally speaking – may be a goal-driven activity or series of activities.

But, first and foremost, is a state of mind. A philosophy of life.

It places an emphasis on human connection and sustainability for local communities and the environment 

It relies on the idea that travel should enrich you

It is an immersive emotional exchange with locals.

It is the awareness that we can all have a positive impact every day.

Slow Tourism assures us that by slowing down we can rediscover ourselves. 

Fundamentally, slow tourism is rooted more deeply in our individual motivations, individual choice of travel modes, and other personal reasons, such as preference and lifestyle.

These motivations (or goals) for a slow traveler are a focus on the tempo, the rhythm, and the pace of the travel experience. A slow traveler aims for purpose in their experiences and to create meaningful moments

But slow tourism is not simply a way to live the vacation.

It drives local cultures to cultivate their own uniqueness and to implement solutions to combat the increasingly widespread assimilation in an evermore standardized world.

It is based on the authenticity of the community, where places become generators of moods, feelings, and emotions. Where the rural environment restores the balance between humans and the environment. 

Slow tourism comes from a desire to get involved and to share. 

The journey is not about the departure or the arrival, but in having experiences and sensations as if you were a local.

slow tourism visit mediterraneo

“Slow tourism is characterized by reducing mobility and by taking time to explore local history and culture, while supporting the environment. The traveller’s main goals are relaxation, self-reflection, escape, novelty seeking, engagement and discovery.”
Journal of Travel Research