Via Senatore Tranfo 24, 89861 Tropea (VV) – Italy

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Mediterranean-style eating is about more than just the food that you eat.  It’s natural, flexible, healthy, active, and sociable. 
Discover Calabrians’ traditional ways of producing and preparing food, and embrace the…
5 h
Combines beauty and darkness, go off the beaten path and see the…
4 h
Visiting a Family-friendly smallholding in a rural location, you will prepare and…
3.5 h
Rome always has its charm but the Fori Imperiali, Campidoglio, and Circo…
4 h
Donkey Land: a livestock to discover and preserve
3 hours
Didactic walk through the vineyard and the onion fields
3 h
Didactic walk through the onion fields and the production process
2 h
A bike tour in Tenuta Rosaneti, a cradle of biodiversity of the…
4 h