Via Senatore Tranfo 24, 89861 Tropea (VV) – Italy

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Mediterranean-style eating is about more than just the food that you eat.  It’s natural, flexible, healthy, active, and sociable. 
A Day in the Rural Life of Calabria
Discover Calabrians’ traditional ways of producing and preparing food, and embrace the…
5 h
Combines beauty and darkness, go off the beaten path and see the…
4 h
Experience the endless health benefits and properties of Calabrian olive oil.
Visiting a Family-friendly smallholding in a rural location, you will prepare and…
4 h
Rome always has its charm but the Fori Imperiali, Campidoglio, and Circo…
4 h
Donkey Land: a livestock to discover and preserve
3 hours
a social experience to gain and improve your sense of taste.
Didactic walk through the onion fields and the production process
2 h
A bike tour in Tenuta Rosaneti, a cradle of biodiversity of the…
4 h