Via Senatore Tranfo 24, 89861 Tropea (VV) – Italy

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Each territory has a story to tell: heritage, traditions, historical fragments, social, cultural and economics attributes.
The storytelling of place consists in putting together many pieces of a single mosaic, creating the historical memory of a territory.
Though not always this story can be framed in one single building.
From this arises the idea of the Museo Diffuso, a collection of places sharing the community heritage, valuing its origins.
The MU.RI. is a project of touring narrative. It gives the opportunity – for any visitor -to live a proactive experience. Visiting five different types of museums located in Ricadi (area of Capo Vaticano, a must-see point of the Coast of the Gods), and breathing the history of any place.

MUSEO DEL MARE. In Capo Vaticano, the sea view point of Aeolian islands, this museum is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub and tales about the relationship between man and the sea
[orari e periodo di apertura, mappa google, collegamento website, prezzo biglietto] su ogni museo

MUSEO DELLA CIPOLLA ROSSA DI TROPEA. Inside the railway station of Ricadi you can find out the story of Calabria’s Red Gold.

MUSEO DELLE TORRI. Located in Torre Marrana in Brivadi, the museum explains the defensive system of the local watch-towers.

MUSEO DEMOETNOANTROPOLOGICO. An area focused on the rural life. It’s developed inside an old oil manufacture. Do not miss the “Breste” hall

MUSEO ARCHEOLOGICO E PALEONTOLOGICO. An archeologic tour discovering the human presence in the area of Monte Poro. Located in Palazzo Fazzari, Santa Domenica di Ricadi.