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The Giants of Sila: A Biogenetic Nature Reserve in the Heart of Sila National Park

In Calabria, there is a woodland of Giants 

Giants of Sila is an ancient woodland – which features more than 60 Calabrian pines and sycamores planted – where are studying, genetically conserving, and protecting these 350-year-old trees, an immensely valuable historic and natural heritage. 

These pine trees of incredible dimensions reach up to 147 feet (45 meters) in height and have a diameter that reaches up to 7 feet (2 meters) and for this reason, they are called “The Giants”. This biogenetic reserve aims to protect endangered autochthonous species such as the giant pines that are the most ancient in Europe. It’s also a residue of the authentic Silan landscape that survived deforestation.

A force of nature, the witness of bygone days.

Experience a walk of wonder and fascination, exploring – with the FAI – the ecosystem that reigns within.

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